Using OdorXit Products

How to Apply OdorXit Products

And Why That is So Important

OdorXit Products are the most effective and permanent organic odor elimination products available at any price. However, if they aren’t applied properly your attempts at odor elimination will not be successful. And that’s not good for you or for us. So we’ve created (ok, not really me, I’m the editor in cheif and rewriter, but you get my point) this website to ensure your success in getting all the stink out.

We have personally used (yes, me this time) our products on a lot of the odors we describe on this website. So we do know what will get the stink out, often the easiest way while being effective and cost effective. We will tell you what other tools you’ll need to get the job done. And most rehabbers, handimen, house wifes, or home owners knows when you have the right tool for the right job it makes the job go a whole lot easier. That is exactly what has kept Home Depot and Lowes and all the neighborhood hardware stores in business over the years. Selling the right tools!

One place to get all the application information is the OdorXit Wizard. You’ll see the link at the top of this page. But more and different information is also below.

We Stand Behind Our Products! If you’ve been using one of our OdorXit Products and the odor is not going away like you think it should or we have said it will, CALL US! It’s ok. We like talking to people and enjoy finding the solution that works for you in whatever odor situation you have. We want you to be successful. And if you’re not, after talking with us and trying different scenarios to get the odor out, we will return your money for the full purchase price you paid for any of our OdorXit products.

Here’s to your success!

If you have additional questions or concerns, call or email us at Questions or call us on our toll free help line 1-877-ODORXIT (1-877-636-7948). If we do not answer your call at the OdorXit Office, we have a 24/7 answering service that is very knowledgeable about our products. If they can not answer your questions we will return your email or phone call promptly.

Just leave a question with the answering service so we can give some help to your situation in case my answering service talks to your answering service. Well, you get it. We really do want to help you be successful.