Skunks do hibernate for winter and they do protect their family. Have you ever had a skunk fight under your deck when they were protecting their family?

If you have, I bet you already know who comes out the loser, right?


You are the loser because the skunks leave their skunk spray under your porch or deck and you get to smell it for days or weeks. And that’s when you know you need an effective and safe skunk odor neutralizer!

You’ve tried other products and often they just make the skunk spray smell worse. Tomato juice makes them turn pink. Baking soda just doesn’t get out all the odor.

OdorXit Concentrate added to water works on dirt or grass and your deck and your dog’s fur. It is the one and only skunk odor neutralizer you’ll ever need.

And you know for sure, you really hope you never need any skunk odor neutralizer!