skunkDoes your dog think the black and white furry animal outside is the neighbor’s cat?

Your dog gets too close to the black and white furry creature. The dog wants to chase what he thinks is a cat. The skunk – not a cat – does his warning dance. He stomps his feet, saying “Get Away! I’ll spray you! I’ll spray you!” Then the skunk does it. He lifts his tail and lets out the most putrid smell. The dog runs away and you need a skunk odor neutralizer now.

Your dog comes to your door to be let in as usual. And you don’t smell anything until the dog is running around the house trying to wipe off his face and neck … on your furniture. Now your whole house needs a skunk odor neutralizer.

OdorXit Concentrate is the product that will safely and permanently neutralize skunk odor on furniture, carpet, bedding, even leather. It’s safe enough for your dog’s fur too. Use a sponge to apply the OdorXit Concentrate after you add water. Pat the sponge around his ears, eyes and nose. Rub it against the grain of the fur to get the solution every place the skunk spray is.

Order OdorXit Concentrate now and you’ll never need another skunk odor neutralizer. OdorXit Concentrate is the one that works! Guaranteed!


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