Striped skunk

How to Eliminate Skunk Odor Successfully!

When was the last time you could smell skunk spray odor and not see a skunk anywhere close by?

Did you know they can spray their skunk spray odor as far as ten feet and you can still get a whiff of skunk spray smell up to one mile away?

Those cute but stinky animals don’t want to spray you with skunk spray odor but if they consider you or your dog a threat – look out.  That’s why dogs often get skunk spray smell right in their face.

The skunk thumps their feet and tail and growls – trying to tell the dog to go away.  They don’t want to spray.  But dogs get more curious than cautious.  So they get too close and voila!  Skunk spray odor right in the eyes, nose, ears and chest. My dog lives with our black and white cat so we think the reason he’s gotten sprayed 4+ times is because he thinks the skunk is Zorro our cat.  Then ssssppppppp…..he finds out the stinky truth!   Again.