Remove Dog Odor

We all know Dogs Rule!  Cats, well they stink.  But sometimes our beloved furry, four legged friend Fido smells too.  And what can you do about it?


OdorXit Concentrate is the best at dog urine smell removal.  Better than any enzyme product and can be used just about anywhere, including a dogs’ fur or your skin.  It’s that safe.

With OdorXit Concentrate, you can remove dog urine smell from just about anything:

Urine on wood floors
Remove dog odor from leather or walls or oriental carpeting.
It’s safe enough for dog urine removal on dry clean only fabrics too.
And it’s easy enough for dog urine removal from bedding too.

And if you are worried about removing dog smell – like dog body odor, you can do that even easier with Magic by OdorXit.  It’s a separate product that can be applied directly to the dog to remove dog odor.

Dogs smell great after a bath.  Then, two days later, that body odor smell comes back and it’s as if he never had a bath.  Apply Magic to your dog, your dog’s bedding or your bedding or carpet – wherever he sleeps and you have safely removed the dog body odor.  It’s so easy, it’s Magic!

Safely and easily remove your dog body odors with OdorXit Concentrate and Magic by OdorXit!