Are you struggling with pet urine odor removal using products that doesn’t guarantee your odor will be gone permanently after using the product?

Are you disgusted because when your pet urine odor removal process just leaves a different fragrance in combination with the dog or cat urine odor.

Are enzymes what your current product promises as safe for pet urine odor removal from your carpet or hardwood floor or even furniture but your kids and pets must leave the area because of the products own smell?

That’s just not so anymore now that you know about OdorXit products.

For many years I bought and sold houses as a real estate investor. I would buy often vacant properties at lower than market value because they smelled so bad for the previous occupants pets.

The occupant, owner or landlord, didn’t know of any product or process for pet urine odor removal. No one wanted to live in the house smelling that way, so the owners were willing to sell if for just about any price to not have to struggle with pet urine odor removal.

In fact, I know of many people who were no longer landlords because they want to be bothered with pet urine odor removal…especially other people’s pets.

But if you have a solution to the problem, then paying a lower price for an abandoned house isn’t very scary at all. And I did have the solution. OdorXit Concentrate was the best pet urine odor removal available. The trick was finding all the places pet urine can hide. And getting a really low price for the house was how I solved that problem too.

The first house I used OdorXit Concentrate on had a cat and a big bag of dog food locked in the house for a few months before I actually closed on the house. This was probably my easiest house I ever bought for total pet urine odor removal.

I ripped up the carpet throughout the house and set it out for the trash. The carpet wasn’t worth saving and was pretty many years old. It did need to be replaced. This is the first step in pet urine odor removal.

Is the carpet worth saving?

I threw out all the other “stuff” or “tenant treasures” that were left in the house. Nothing was worth saving or even putting into a yard sale.

Then, before I painted or did any other improvements to the house, I sprayed everywhere with OdorXit Concentrate and water.

Mix, Spray and Walk Away.

  • I sprayed the floors.
  • I sprayed the kitchen cabinets, on top and inside. (Cats like to sit on top of cabinets and are too lazy to get down to pee.)
  • I sprayed under the steps. (Urine can run through the floor boards to the other side)
  • I sprayed in the furnace vents on the floor. The cats think these are litter boxes in every room. How convenient for them.
  • I sprayed on the bottom edge of the door. Pee runs down the door then runs on the bottom edge of the door before it drips to the floor below.
  • I sprayed the bricks in the fire place and the mantel. This is where he lived sometimes. He was pitch black from the soot and he peed in there too.


I could go on. There are just lots of places for urine to hide when you are in the pet urine odor removal process. You need to spray ALL of the urine to neutralize it completely. Missing a single spot can make the whole house still smell.

Once the smell was gone, it was time to put the house back together again. Paint, carpet, and everything else to make it rent for top dollar. Never start the repair process until all the pet urine odor is gone!

After the tenants moved in and the house was well, smelling like nothing, the front step did still smell of cat urine. Yes. I missed a spot. I never thought of spraying the porch for pet urine odor removal. But it was there too.

I sprayed the step and the front door. The tenants didn’t even know I’d come back to spray. Eighteen years later the house still does not smell. OdorXit Concentrate was and is the perfect pet urine odor removal product.

In the cat’s defense, he did try to use the cat box. Nobody was ever there to empty it so he just used the rest of the house too. The whole house became his cat box. That’s how the whole house became my whole house pet urine odor removal project.

And I found a home for the cat that had been living in the house. He lived with a fellow down the street from my new pet urine odor removed house!

Order your OdorXit Concentrate products now and be ready for your next pet urine odor removal project.