If you have cats, I mean more than just one, you can smell when they get into a fight. Cats spray to mark their territory. It’s a musky smell, stronger than urine and a whole lot smeller.

So you need an effective cat spray odor removal product.

Cat’s spray on walls in houses, at doors when there is another cat outside, even when a new cat comes into their house.

Your cat owns your house; you know that too, right? He’s just not on the deed.

You don’t need to get rid of the cat to get rid of the smell. Honest. Now you know that the most effective cat spray odor removal product is OdorXit Concentrate. Just spray it on the cat spray. As long as you get it on ALL the scent markings, it will neutralize the smell. It neutralizes the smell permanently and safely for you and the cats.

And if you’ve sprayed the door where the cat sprayed and it still smells, our toll free help line, 877-Odor-X-it or (877-636-7948) will tell you tricks and tips to be sure you use the OdorXit Concentrate cat spray odor removal successfully.

I’ll give you a couple tips now.

  • Spray the bottom side of the door too. The cat spray runs down the door and instead of dripping to the floor, it runs on the bottom side of the door. Until you spray ALL the cat spray, you will still have odor.
  • Do you have furnace vents in the floor? Look at them as strategically placed cat boxes throughout your house. OMG! Spray them too! As far down into the vent as you can get.

Cats are tricky little furry friends who like a clean cat box. So spray OdorXit Concentrate diluted with water there too! It is a safe cat spray odor removal product that really does eliminate the smell permanently. Or until they pee there again.

Your cat on the inside of the house goes crazy because there is a cat on the outside of the house. The outside cat is probably feral and really happy that he can spray the side of your house and the dirt and bushes.

What do you use for cat spray odor removal when you want to sit outside and enjoy your porch or patio? The door smells, the dirt smells and you just don’t have the money to replace the dirt in the garden or around the bushes. Plus, it would probably just happen again.

So who are you going to call for cat spray odor removal? OdorXit Concentrate, of course.

Just spray the dirt where the smell is coming from. As long as you get it on the spray, the smell will be gone. No orange or lilac flavor left behind. Just outdoor garden smells.

Fresh and Clean!

Use OdorXit Concentrate diluted with water for all your cat urine and cat spray odor removal issues. Even in the grass or dirt!