Oil Dri 25lb

Oil Dri large grain baked clay absorbent

Believe it or not, the best litter for odor control is plan, old, inexpensive Oil Dri clay from your local hardware or auto parts store and many Walmart stores. It’s used to soak up oil from concrete in gas stations and car repair shops. And it absorbs urine perfectly too. It’s about $5 for 40 lbs. and safer for your cats than any other cat litter with dust.

No more picking out clumps two or three times a day. You change the oil dry once a week, that’s it. Change it the night before trash the trash truck picks up your garbage. As long as Oil Dri is the dust-less kind, the cats and kittens love it. Cats don’t like the brand name kitty litter and clumping litter. They can’t cover their poo because it clumps. Kittens get the dust from clumping litter in their lungs and it hardens like cement and they can’t breathe.

To make sure you have the best litter for odor control, also have a bottle of both OdorXit Concentrate and Magic by OdorXit. Here’s how easy it is to keep your litter box smell, well, not smelling at all.

  • have one box per cat and then one more
  • Empty the littler and scrape the bottom of excess poo and pee.
  • Spray the bottom with OdorXit Concentrate diluted with water. This will totally eliminate any odor.
  • Add the Oil Dri, to be about 1” deep in the litter box.
  • Spray the sides of the box, the cat litter, and the lid of the litter box with Magic by OdorXit. This will absorb the odors for about one week, just in time for trash night.
  • If you start smelling the cat box sooner, take the lid off the box and spray the Oil Dri that’s wet with urine or any poo on top with OdorXit Concentrate Solution. That will start to eliminate the current odor. Then spray more Magic to absorb the reoccurring smells as your cats continue to use the box and until you change the litter box.
cat attract litter additive

Cat Attract litter additive


OdorXit 16 ounce Concentrate 8 ounce Magic kit

It works like Magic!

And if you are still having trouble getting your cat to pee in the litter box, use Cat Attract Litter Additive to get your cat peeing back in the box! Order the OdorXit Combo pack and pick up some Oil Dry. Now you have the recipe for the best litter for odor control!

Don’t forget the OdorXit Concentrate and Magic by OdorXit. They are the key to the odor control and if you buy them as a kit you save on price and shipping.