OdorXit Concentrate and all OdorXit odor removal products are the best animal odor removers on the market!

OK, I think it’s true but I’m prejudiced. However, I use it and it gets rid of my odors. Always.

Have you tried other animal odor removal products? Did they have a guarantee to get the odor out or refund your money?

Did they leave an odor of their own…in an effort to cover up the urine or vomit smell you were trying to get rid of?

Did they have a help line that actually talked to you to help you use the product to get the odor out?

Did your other product actually have a manual to use as a reference guide to be sure you knew all the tricks and even other products to use with their product to be sure you did get your all your odors out?

Was your other product safe to use around kids and pets and made most of water?


OdorXit Does

However, OdorXit isn’t the best animal odor remover for everyone. We have used the products many times on many different odors. We have learned the ways to use these products, through our own usage and our customers. And to be successful. We have learned other products to use in conjunction with OdorXit Concentrate to make sure you do get rid of your odors no matter what type of surface the odor is in.

So if you’re not willing to follow the instructions we have in our OdorXit Bible, or call us before you use up all the product in the bottle so we can help you with your specific situation to get your odors out, then OdorXit will not be the best animal odor remover for you.

But if you’re willing to call us and follow our instructions on what we’ve learned ourselves from our own experience in using the products and what we’ve learned from our customer’s experiences, then we believe you will be truly amazed and excited and believe OdorXit Products and OdorXit Concentrate are the best animal odor removers on the planet!

The instructions aren’t hard but there are tricks and special procedures we use to eliminate urine in concrete that are different that using OdorXit Concentrate on hard wood floors.

And if your odor is caused by mold or smoke, they have a totally different OdorXit product for you to use to be successful so you will think OdorXit is the best odor remover for all kinds of odors.

You can even look up your odors and find solutions on the Odor Wizard on their website (www.odorXit.com) and find the best odor remover by OdorXit to use for your odor.

The Odor Wizard will ask you first, “What is your odor?” You will chose from anything on the list from stinky feet to fish to urine or even gasoline.

Then the Odor Wizard will ask you “Where is your odor?” You’ll have a list to choose from such as hardwood floors, dry clean only, leather, under paint and sealer and so much more. Then it takes you to the product to use and the instructions on how to use it to be sure you do get rid of all your odor.

And if you should still have questions, they have a toll free #800 help line. The other thing they will tell you and I don’t know of another odor elimination product that does this, is if you don’t think the product is working like you think it should or they have said it will it to call before you use all the product. They will ask you questions to find out exactly how and where you used the product and give you more direction on using the rest of the product to get rid of the rest of your odor and work with you to be successful getting your odor gone.

Because OdorXit Products are the best animal odor remover on the market today!