Did you know how to tell if an empty house that smells of urine had cats or dogs, allowing you ample time to discern Animal Odor Removal process you might need to do before buying?

Do you care or why should you care if it’s cat or dog urine? Isn’t all urine the same?

Since you have to apply most animal odor removal products to the source of the odor to react to it and eliminate it forever, you at least need to know where the urine is to apply the products to the right spots to even have a chance to eliminate the smell.

If you apply the product in one spot and the urine is even six inches away, you will still have the odor. Unless the product is an air spray or candle, etc. and the smell will come back anyway.

So do you know how to tell dog pee from cat pee in an empty? One does smell different that the other. Both can make your eyes burn. But cats pee mostly in the corners of the room or along the walls and dogs pee more in the middle of the floor and back up to furniture; which, when you move the furniture is in the middle of the room too.

Now you have a better idea where to apply the animal odor removal product.

There’s another way too. Have you ever shone a UV or black light on urine? Ok, probably not. But it you did, you’d see it fluoresce. Look yellowish green in the dark. When you see this then you know where to apply your animal odor removal products.

What is also interesting to know is after using the OdorXit Concentrate for permanent urine animal odor removal, you won’t always eliminate the florescence. It could still fluoresce even after neutralizing all the urine smells. Isn’t chemistry fun?