having pets stinksWe had a phone call just yesterday from a guy who had a rental property and the tenants had cats. He knew the house smelled bad so he replaced most of the carpet and painted the walls. It still smelled. So he found us on the internet and called the toll free help line for advice. I have rentals too. In fact, that’s why the company got started. Having a product that worked that got rid of smells tenants left behind. I know first hand the frustrations of animal odor removal in carpet.

Your first thought is that you want to save the carpet. Not spend the thousands of dollars to replace it just because of animal odor removal in carpet. But how do you save it when it stinks to high heaven! Stinky carpets bring stinky tenants. I figured out that too, one too many times. So what do you use for carpet odor removal? This caller had already proved what not to do to solve the animal odor removal in carpet problem. Replacing the carpet is not enough. Painting the walls is not enough.

When you see pee on the carpet, the urine absorbs through the carpet and padding and into the floor.

And if there’s enough pee,

  • more than one cat or
  • a big dog, and they
  • pee in the same spot,

It will run through the cracks in the

  • floor boards to the joist or
  • subfloor below or
  • even soak into the concrete.

Until you neutralize ALL that odor, not cover it up or seal it in with a paint or sealer, you will still smell pee.

So how do you solve the animal odor removal in carpet problem?

First you have to find the urine and apply the product – OdorXit Concentrate and water – to that area. A black light or UV light will often, not always, make urine fluoresce. That tells you where to apply the product.

And if you have a six inch area on the top of the carpet that you can easily see, you probably have a 12 inch or 18 inch area on the back of the carpet, padding and floor that you have to get the solution to. The OdorXit Concentrate solution MUST come in contact with all the urine to get rid of the entire odor.

Once you do that, you can use a wet/dry vac to remove the excess water. Then let it dry. Leave a fan to help dry the liquid you’ve just put on the carpet. There is nothing to clean up, just keep fans on to dry it out.

If the animal odor removal in carpet isn’t 100% odor removal, then you’ve missed a spot. And unfortunately, it’s easy to miss a spot on carpeting with so many layers. But using OdorXit Concentrate the way we’ve described is hard work. But the best part is, it does work. It is the best carpet odor removal product on the planet. It just takes water and elbow grease!

Slowing pouring the OdorXit Concentrate solution on the area, letting it spread, soak for a few minutes then suck the urine and OdorXit Concentrate solution out with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and let it dry is the best process for animal odor removal in carpet.