The complete family of OdorXit products

OdorXit Magic Products

OdorXit Magic is an easy to use, fast acting and long lasting though not a permanent solution to eliminating odors. Occasional reapplication of the product will extend the absorption and neutralization of odors indefinitely.

OdorXit Magic is available in 2, 8 and 64 ounce bottles. The 2 and 8 ounce bottles have a mist sprayer included.

Odorxit Magic is the odor elimination product that removes odors very quickly. Odorxit Magic eliminates pet odors like urine, feces, vomit, body odor , and most hard to control odors.

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OdorXit Concentrated Products

The components that make up OdorXit Concentrate are created from plant extracts and generally fall into the “Essential Oils” category of chemicals. It is safe enough to drink but we don’t recommend it. OdorXit Concentrate mixed 30 parts water and 1 part concentrate is safe to use on you or your pets’ fur to remove skunk smell, your pets’ kennel to eliminate urine odor, and it’s safe enough for your pet to be back in his kennel before it is dry. It also works on urine in letterboxes, on all flooring materials, clothing, and any water tolerant material.

OdorXit Concentrate, in it’s concentrated form, may be a minor irritant when in comes in direct contact with eyes because it has a minute amount of isopropyl alcohol in it. So it is not a toy and should be used as directed. For use to eliminate odors, water must always be added to the product.

OdorXit Concentrate has nothing added as a perfume or fragrance. In general, even water based essential oils often have an odor. So it is with OdorXit Concentrate, but the odor is not strong or long lived and can be completely eliminated almost instantly after it has neutralized the odors it has come in contact with by misting a small amount of unscented ammonia mixed with water in the area where the OdorXit Concentrate was used.

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Air Quality Manager (AQM) Products

OdorXit’s AQM CLO2 Products are easy to use, fast acting odor eliminator that uses chlorine dioxide gas as an oxidizer to eliminate odors caused by fungus, spores, tobacco and fire smoke odors, garbage odors, skunk spray, and many other organic odors that are subject to oxidation at their source. Occasional reapplication on reoccurring odors will extend its ability to neutralize and oxidize the odor sources indefinitely.

OdorXit AQM 30 Day packets are available in 10 and 25 gram reactor packets. Both can be accelerated to be 1 Day packets by standing the packet up in 1/8 to 1/4 inch of water. Used in 30 Day mode the packets slowly release chlorine dioxide gas for up to 30 days depending on the relative humidity (the higher the faster they produce chlorine dioxide). In 1 Day mode, the packets will release the same amount of chlorine dioxide gas but in just 24 hours.

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