Odor Removal Products

When you need to remove odours fast and you can’t always get to the source of the odor, Magic by OdorXt is the best pet odor neutralizer.  It eliminates reoccurring pet odor spray and urine and acts as an odor remover spray up to seven days and indefinitely with repeated use.

If you need an odor eliminating spray or the best pet odor neutralizer, and want to know what is the best odor eliminator and cat odor removal products, then OdorXit Starter Kit is your only choice for a pet odor eliminating spray.  It contains Magic by OdorXit for reoccurring pet odor spray such as cat boxes, OdorXit Concentrate which is the best cat odor remover when you want the smell gone permanently and safely on carpet, flooring, even dry cleanable fabric.

You can use enzymes as the best pet odor and stain remover.  However,
OdorXit Concentrate:
•    Neutralizes faster than enzymes,
•    Smells better than enzymes and
•    Works better with detergents.  Enzyme products don’t work as an odor neutralizing agent once detergent has been added to the odor.
•    All OdorXit products are manufactured in the USA
•    Contains no masking smells like orange or lilac
•    Best pet odor neutralizer so your pets won’t mark in the same area again
•    Approved by the CRI – The Carpet and Rug Institute to clean up organic stains and odors in a very effective and efficient manner.  That OdorXit Concentrate won’t damage your carpet new or old, won’t increase re-soiling of the area where OdorXit Concentrate was applied.

Order your OdorXit odor removal products now.  When you buy the OdorXit Starter Kit, you’ll get 10% the price when you buy the items individually.  The Starter Kit includes:

•    16 ounce OdorXit Concentrate (makes 4 gallons of product)
•    8 once Magic by OdorXit
•    16 ounce empty spray bottle to mix and spray your OdorXit Concentrate solution
•    A 12 LED ultraviolet light (urine detector- so you know where to apply the OdorXit Concentrate)

Order your OdorXit Starter Kit Odor Removal Products now!