Rodent Odor In A House or Wall

Mouse by Flickr-angeladellatorre

image courtesy of @angeladellatorre on Flickr

OdorXit, the Dead Mouse Odor Eliminator after removing the dead mouse spray OdorXit where the dead rodent was found to eliminate the odor forever.

If you have ever had a dead mouse or rat in your attic, crawl space or inside a wall you know that what I’m about to tell you is true.

You can call an exterminator, or critter getter and they will all tell you the same thing. IE they can get the mouse or rat or squirrel or raccoon out but not the odor. None of the chemicals or perfumes they have work on the smell long term. And the worst part is that just getting to the rodent and/or nest can cost you a couple hundred dollars and the chances that the odor will be gone when they are finished is no where near 100%.

The other situation you are likely to encounter is that you or the exterminator could not catch the rodents and the choice was made to poison them. This will almost always get rid of the scratching in the wall or ceiling but the resulting odor of poisoned rodents is much worse than the scratching.

I do have some good news for you though. If you can get someone to remove the rodent and nest, you can have them spray the area where the dead rodent and/or the nest were found with OdorXit Concentrate diluted 30 ounces water to 1 ounce concentrate and the odor will really be gone forever.

If you can’t get to the critter because it is in a wall or just an inaccessible place, you can spray the affected area with OdorXit® Magic every few days and control the odor until the rodent dries out and stops stinking. Spraying the affected area really means spraying OdorXit® Magic on all the places where air (even very small amounts of air) can leak from where the smell is coming from into the affected living spaces. They are any electrical outlets, switches, light fixtures, or plumbing clearance holes in the wall, and at the joint between the wall and the floor or carpet. The tiny residue of the OdorXit® Magic spray will absorb any odor that passes the area where you have sprayed the OdorXit® Magic .

However, if you are dealing with a rodent nest inside a wall, you could easily find what looks like a little city with multiple nests connected by tunnel pathways through the insulation. You really do have to get the nest out to be even semi successful. Nesting material, insulation and all the stuff left in the nest will produce nasty odors for months.This is because mice and rats both urinate and defecate while they are walking, which contaminates all the pathways they travel.

Removing nests from attics and crawl spaces is relatively easy once the nest is located (the hard part). Having the right tools and protective equipment can make a very difficult and often dangerous job much easier and safer. Catching a mother raccoon with babies in an attic can be very dangerous, often resulting is scratches and bites that can require hospitalization and rabies shots. Further, all rodent nests and especially raccoon nests are filled with very nasty bacteria, some of which there is no cure for. BE CAREFUL!

Exterminators rarely replace the drywall or plaster they have removed to gain access to rodent nests, but often know people who can do a good job, and are usually glad to recommend them. This method of finding tradesmen is not usually the cheapest, but is often the best way to get the job done to your satisfaction. Then there is always Angies List. It’s not free but it could save thousands of dollars in repair costs and a ton of aggravation.

Don’t forget to tell the exterminator that you have stuff that you need him to spray on the area where he finds the dead rodent and/or nest that will really get rid of the odor. Point out that it is safe, fast and effective. Remind him that your house was not the first and won’t be the last one like this. So having a chemical product that really works could get him thousands of dollars in new business. Following this same line of though with the exterminator, you might want to mention that OdorXit Concentrate works on skunk spray and many other difficult odors. Encourage him to try OdorXit Concentrate.