One of my tenants called me late on Saturday night. She had a terrible smell coming from the kitchen and was sure it was a gas leak. She had her husband check the water heater and everywhere and they couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from. Her next step was to call the utility company to come out and fix the leak. They were sure it was coming from the inside of the house.

The utility company showed up, saying they couldn’t fix anything but they could tell her where the leak was so she could call a plumber. They just didn’t do repairs but could turn off the utilities if there was a problem.

After they stuck their nose in the kitchen in all the most horrible places, they told her it was a dead animal odor coming from inside the wall.

I think at that point my tenant was not relieved. She wanted to stand up on a chair, thinking a mouse was about to run across her feet but it was a dead animal smell. Not a mouse or rat that could run anywhere. And she, ok, her husband, couldn’t get to it to get rid of the parts that were causing the dead animal odor.

So she did call me back. She told me, “It’s not a gas leak and I dodn’t have to call a plumber. You need to tear out the wall and find where the dead animal smell was coming from.”

Any landlord or even homeowner knows you don’t tear out walls guessing where something might be. You’re going to be wrong the first couple holes you put in the wall and it will be pretty costly to put it back.

I told her drive to the closest store and I told her which one, and buy Magic by OdorXit. Just spray it at the seam at the floor and the wall, spray it at any holes in the drywall where the dead animal odor could escape, the outlets, the light switch plates, etc. Magic by OdorXit will absorb the gases coming from the dead animal odor.

It doesn’t matter what dead smell you have, especially when you can’t see it, spray Magic near where you think the odor is and it will absorb the odor. Like Magic!

I never heard another complaint from this tenant again!