Types Of Animal Odors

Looking for a safe, permanent odor eliminator for different types of animal odors?

Then you’ve come to the right place. When sprayed on the source of the odor, OdorXit Concentrate will remove odours, eliminate permanently all types of animal odors. And if OdorXit Concentrate won’t get rid of the dead animal smell, Magic by OdorXit will!

OdorXit Concentrate does an amazing job on all types of urine.

• Dog urine
• Cat urine
• Mouse Urine
• Skunk, squirrel, raccoon, ferret and even
• People urine.

OdorXit Concentrate eliminates lots of other alive or dead animal smells
• Dead mouse odor
• Dead animal smell
• Skunk spray
And it eliminates animal smells on carpeting, flooring, drywall, concrete – just about anywhere.

If you just can’t get to the source of the animal odor, the next best odour remover is Magic by OdorXit to spray near the source to eliminate reoccurring odors.

Odors such as
• Mice carcass behind a wall,
• Even car odour removal.

So when you’re in a pinch, and need the best odour removers available, order OdorXit Starter Kit. A bottle of OdorXit Concentrate, Magic by OdorXit, a 12 LED Ultraviolet flashlight and an empty spray bottle to be ready for any type of animal odor you need to eliminate NOW!

Animal Odor Removal

Did you know how to tell if an empty house that smells of urine had cats or dogs, allowing you ample time to discern Animal Odor Removal process you might need to do before buying? Do you care or why should you care if it’s cat or dog urine? Isn’t all urine the same?...