Remove Cat Odor

We love our cats. Long hair, short hair, sometimes no hair. Soft, fuzzy, sometimes friendly and when they miss the liter box, really smelly. And when that happens, you’re going to need the best cat odor remover you can find!

OdorXit products can remove cat odor from just about anywhere.

Cat urine odor in concrete
Cat urine odor in furniture
Cat odor in carpet
Leather odor remover
Cat urine odor in shoes
Cat urine odor
Cat urine odor removal on wood flooring and so much more.

Our products are safe and more effective than enzyme cleaners for cat urine. OdorXit Concentrate is even the best at cat spray odor remover.

So what are you waiting for? Totally neutralize that cat urine odor and never have a reason not to love your cats again!

Remove Cat Urine Odor

Are you trying to remove cat urine odor with a product that doesn’t guarantee your odor will be gone permanently after using the product? Are you trying to remove cat urine odor so the cat won’t smell the urine after it’s been “removed” and not pee in the same place...

Pet Urine Odor Removal

Are you struggling with pet urine odor removal using products that doesn’t guarantee your odor will be gone permanently after using the product? Are you disgusted because when your pet urine odor removal process just leaves a different fragrance in combination with...

Cat Odor Eliminator

Are you buying new carpet thinking that will be your own cat odor eliminator? Are you painting the floor in hopes that will be your cat odor eliminator? Is your spouse threatening to leave if the cat urine odor isn’t gone soon? We had a friend who said her friend’s...

Cat Spray Odor Removal

If you have cats, I mean more than just one, you can smell when they get into a fight. Cats spray to mark their territory. It’s a musky smell, stronger than urine and a whole lot smeller. So you need an effective cat spray odor removal product. Cat’s spray on walls in...

Cat Litter Odor Control

Treating Cat Litter Box Odors Even when cats are well trained and behaved their litter box or litter boxes can smell very bad. This is partly due to the obvious accumulation of urine and feces but it is also controlled to a very great extent by the food given to the...

Animal Odor Removal

Did you know how to tell if an empty house that smells of urine had cats or dogs, allowing you ample time to discern Animal Odor Removal process you might need to do before buying? Do you care or why should you care if it’s cat or dog urine? Isn’t all urine the same?...