Dead Mouse Odor

Dead mouse odor can be pretty horrific. And often you can’t find the source of the odor. When you can’t find the source – the mouse carcass – ugh! You can’t use OdorXit Concentrate to eliminate dead animal odor because you must spray the source with OdorXit Concentrate.

So what is the key to mouse odor removal?

Mice want to be inside to get out of the cold in the Fall and Winter just like we do. They can get through the tiniest of holes in your foundation or siding. They come after food and warmth. They’ll eat drywall and insulation to get to your cabinet and food.

If you put down poison for them, they will die. But behind your walls, in your furnace duct work and other places where there is no such thing as easy dead mouse removal or spraying the source of the odor. Without removing walls or duct work, you just have to wait for their body to completely decay while having dead animal odor throughout your house. UGH!

This is when you need the dead mouse smell removal product. Not the one with lilac or orange smell left behind. You need Magic. Magic by OdorXit is the dead animal odor eliminator or dead animal odor neutralizer because it absorbs the gases from the odor as the body decomposes.

Just spray the areas where the odorous animal smells are coming from. Any cut outs or seams in the walls.
• Outlets,
• Wall switch plates,
• At the seams where the floor and wall and ceilings meet.

These are the areas where the dead mouse odor is coming from. The same is true for other dead animal odors. If squirrels or raccoons or roof rats get in your attic and can’t get out – Magic by OdorXit is the dead animal odor eliminator.

Keep some Magic by OdorXit on hand. As the weather starts to get colder outside, all those four legged, furry creatures that we don’t want around will start looking at our house as if it’s their house. And we don’t want them inside. Dead or Alive!

Magic by OdorXit is the animal odor eliminator of choice! It absorbs reoccurring odors up to seven days without leaving a smell another smell behind. Order Magic by OdorXit, now and have the best animal odor removal available for any reoccurring odors in your world.

Dead Mouse Odor Eliminator

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