Dead Animal Odor Removal

Life was going along so fresh smelling, and then your cat brought you a dead mouse. Your cat laid it at your feet. A trophy! Your cat was so proud. Now all you want to know is how to get rid of dead animal odor.

Who knew your cat believed you as their human were terrible hunters and they felt they needed to hunt for you. They wanted to supplement your food intake. So they bring you their best catch – a dead mouse.

Now you have dead mouse odor and cat urine odor too because the cat marked his territory as he was so proud of his catch. Your house is starting to smell bad.

And as Murphy’s Law would have it (whatever could go wrong will go wrong) your dog got skunk spray right in his face. Now your house does smell like a zoo. Thank goodness the dog is house broken or you would have dog urine on the carpet too.

How do you get rid of the zoo-like smell? Is there such a thing as a safe product for dead animal odor removal? Probably not you’re thinking. You couldn’t be that lucky, with Murphy’s Law hanging around you and your cat continuing to bring in a dead mouse every couple days.

What if there was one product that was
• Permanent dead animal odor removal,
• Safe dog urine remover,
• Effective and guaranteed cat urine remover, and even
• The best skunk spray remover for dog’s fur and face and your skin?

What if OdorXit Concentrate could fix that?

OdorXit Concentrate can eliminate
• Dead animal smell,
• Cat urine smell,
• Dog urine smell and
• Skunk spray smell
Every time when it comes in contact with that odor.

Don’t be afraid of any type of animal odor. OdorXit Concentrate will eliminate those smells on contact. Just mix with water, spray and walk away. OdorXit Concentrate is that easy to use.

Dead Animal Odor

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